Now that you visited our website, we know where you live, what device you used to visit, what pages you visited and for how long. Anyone looking at a website report can see this, but what eMAP Marketing can do is tell you why this person is visiting your website and what matters to them. These are the insights that drive a successful website.

Website Analytics

Recent Website Analytics Reports

cost:  $75

Website Compass​™

Having key knowledge such as how many people visit your website, how often they visit, who is visiting and why they are visiting is vital for your success online and as a business. Websites analytics can provide this information along with much more information. Should eMAP Marketing develop your website, you will have the opportunity to include a website analytics package called Website Compass

Website Compass can be added to any website development package. Website Compass will include two reports over a 12-month period. These detailed reports will outline all the key information needed to learn how to best utilize your website and grow your business. 

Website Compass costs $75. To get started, request a free quote.